lee cast bullet load data. Lee Single Cavity Molds includes handles and sprue plate. 28 (16 %) Ladle is a convenient size for bullet casting and works equally well for stirring metal alloy or skimming dross from the surface of the lead pot. Bullet Casting Equipment & Tools. Unlimited Possibilities Another advantage of casting bullets on your own is the tremendous variety of shapes and sizes available. It also includes detailed product instructions and parts drawings for Lyman presses, trimmers, scales, powder measure and tumblers. Melting Lead in the Lee Production Pot. Photo courtesy Massaro Media Group and JNJphotographics. 356, kalup lee 6 cav tl356-124-2r Premer izstrelka:. Standard 7-8×14″ threads fit any single stage reloading press. No reduction in overall cartridge length (OAL) is recommended. Straight Shooter Cast Bullet Co. Lee 20 pound electric lead melting pot, 115 VAC. 62x25 Tokarev Load Data for the CZ-52 Pistol. 458 SOCOM is a relatively large round designed for a specialized upper. Flat base designs are IMO the best way to go for cast lead. With reloading, it serves as an alternative to the traditional lube for lead cast bullets that has a number of benefits. Discover the joy of using our Hard Cast Lead Bullets and see why they are the Best. For the LEE bullet, I duplicate the original cowboy style slug loaded over eight grains of 231 and a LPP. Lee Reloading Presses and Press Accessories. bullets any one casting them. The product line is constantly expanded to include new solutions for shooters. Respective meplat-to-bullet-diameter percentages for the RCBS 180-grain bullet for the. Here is a Lyman#515141 Bullet Mold It makes a 425 gr. Sticky: Read This Before Posting or Using Load Data on This Forum. Cast bullet load data for 30. 00 Add to Lee Double Cavity Mold. The "O" frame press by design is the strongest and by far the most popular style press. They are also great for giving a young shooter “big rifle feel” without the noise and recoil. Any other address and the order will be canceled. The mold cavities are CNC machined for unmatched roundness and size control Only Lee guarantees roundness of. Recommended cast bullet load for 165 and 180 gr Sigma 40 cal. Our bullets are jacketed using an electroplating process and are softer than traditionally jacketed bullets; hence the recommendation to use lead bullet load data. Lee Bullet Moulds are a great choice for reloaders looking for a quality mould at an affordable price. For flexible usage, we provide our reloading data in metric and imperial dimension systems, i. PDF CAST BULLET LOADS FOR MILITARY R. 62x39mm (312 Diameter) 155 Grain 2 Ogive Radius Gas Check. Traditionally, powder coating is a method of applying a powdered paint to metal using heat. I heard Clays can be tricky in 9mm so I would prefer to use the unique. For your convenience, we accept the following: as well as checks and money orders. I picked up on the complaint that there is little data for Lee cast bullets in this manual, so I would be especially interested in any . Online resources include hodgdon. This website is dedicated to information regarding the Lee Loader series of handheld reloading tools made by Lee Precision. Seems to be a pretty popular one for supers in the 300. Lee Real Bullet Load Data Recipes. Reloading for the 338 Lapua Magnum. Premium Hard Cast Lead Bullets for Reloading. Our hard alloy combined with the most efficient bullet lube available enhances accuracy and minimizes barrel fouling. Lee Double Cavity Mold produces a. Here's some cast bullet load data from Ed Harris from different articles he's published over the years for his 155 - 160 grain cast bullet . 357 Magnum Bullets for Sale. SOLD OUT Lee - Additional Turrent for 4 hole Classic Turret Press $ 15. 2020-11-09 · Both those bullets were loaded with Unique. 309 Bullet Sizing Kit lubricates and sizes cast bullets, also seats and crimps gas checks. The internet lacks information on cast load data for the 350 legend. 357 Mag: 125 grain Winchester HP. A company who has been around for many years and produces everything necessary for reloading and bullet casting is Lyman. All Lee 3 piece Die Sets include: Sizer/Decapping Die, Powder Through Expanding Die, Bullet Seat and Feed Die, Shellholder, Powder Dipper and Load Data. Most manuals stop at 147 grains, though Hodgdon and Vihtavuori have data for 150 grain bullets. Lee Precision's mission is to produce the best American made value in reloading tools. 45-70 hunting load), and will be dependant on velocity, pressure, alloy hardness, bullet diameter, etc. With the current industry-wide climate, please allow for 5-7 days of processing time before shipment. Finding Your Lee Bullet Loading Data In The Lyman Cast Bullet. There are three basic techniques for lubing and sizing handgun bullets: tumble lubing, pan lubing and lube/sizing. My setup is the most basic of all; a $20 9mm Lee Loader. I've cast some of the Lee 9mm 125 gr lead round-nose tumble lube bullets. Sticky: List of Official On-Line Load Data Sources ( 1 2 ). Looking for Bullet Casting & Loading Tools & Components? Budget Shooter Supply offers a wide selection of reloading supplies at affordable prices in Canada. reloading with 9mm lead bullets. Below are some useful downloads provided by the Cast Bullet Association for shooters & casters. Great for target, OK for hunting if you cast them softer. Home / Shop / Bullet Casting & Reloading / Lee Products Lee Products. Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook 3rd Edition 1980 Ocr : Free. Chattanooga Shooting for Dealers. Lee Classic Cast Single Stage Reloading Press 90998 $239. I'm looking for some data for a good pinking load in the 147 or 158 variety. All Lee Mold Blocks are made from aluminum because of the exceptional molding qualities. Suggested loads for the Lee 310 WFNGC from a 44 Magnum. I have been casting bullets for 15 years and I learned a lot from this book. 357mag jacketed bullet spec is. For those who would like to try casting bullets, Lee Precision makes several inexpensive bullets molds for this round for less than $20. 356 diameter 95 grain round nose bullet suitable for cartridges like 380 Auto, 9mm Luger, 38 Super Auto, etc. PDF Load Data for Accurate Tcm. 1680 with Lee cast 300 blackout bullet. As a side note, I used for the first time my Lyman casting thermometer, and it made bullet casting much easier and faster. kasenav; Uncategorized; February 13, 2022; 0 Comments; 7b17bfd26b https://wakelet. Click on the "Lookup Load Data" Enter "30-30 Winchester" in the "Cartridge Contains" box. Loading Cast Bullets in the 9mm Luger. Edited February 27, 2012 by Westwindmike. 223 Remington Lee Precision Load-Master Progress Press Reloading Kit Warranty. For the Hunters, I use the load data for the 401043 bullet. It is a suitable tool for casting bullets for current use as well as being a vintage collectable accessory. Photo below shows the 120 gr, Hornady 147 gr and NEI 162 gr. 40 Caliber Smith and Wesson 10mm. Lee Breech Lock Challenger Press NZ$168 (incl. 357 diameter bullets are available and 200 grain gas check bullets are often used for hunting. These days, all Lee Precision dies, shell holders, powder meters, presses, and other offerings come in an extensive range of types, sizes, and designs to meet any need. ) Plain base bullets love fast burning shotgun and pistol powders. Find all the supplies and equipment you need for bullet casting at Natchez Shooters Supplies. reloading cast bullets with lee loader. 4 grain CFE Pistol 775 FPS Shot from Dan Wesson 8" barrel ***These loads are recommended for Hard Cast or Coated Bullets Only. 375 conical bullet for 1851 Colt. One load consists of bullets dropped from a LEE 6-cavity mold, a 255-grain radiused flat-nose design, and the other, from a 70’s vintage Lyman 454424 4-cavity mold. Unlikely you will find much data specific to Lee molds. 800-238-6785 (orders ONLY) Outside of the U. Lee provides load data in the book "Modern Reloading" by Richard Lee and the load data sheets that accompany the die sets. I enjoy casting bullets, and a Lyman Mag 20 electric furnace and Lyman four-cavity molds speed up production. Western Metal Inc is a Lee Precision dealer carrying a wide variety of parts for reloading. Cast bullets MUST remain in their pristine state in order to shoot accurately. Bullet Casting Premer izstrelka:. Lead Cast 9mm Bullets for Reloading. After visually sorting them, I had 308 bullets. Something that many bullet casters will tell you they do but when I have checked their samples they measure harder and have a dull finish of a bullet that has. Cast Lead Bullets, a Wonderfully Inexpensive. There are no exact weight matches, but the info there will be close. Lead bullet loads, using different powders, (Win Action Pistol, . History Inspired by a supposed lack of power offered by the 5. I also made up some light loads using the Lee 105 . Saeco cast bullet molds are some of the best production bullet molds made. Loads assembled using Winchester 9mm Luger brass and CCI 500 standard Small Pistol primers. Is generally considered a nice load for that boolit. CFE BLK 230gr lee cast bullet load data wanted. Faultline Shootist Society, Coyote Valley Cowboys, Coyote Valley Sharpshooters, Full-time Mr. Winchester bullet mold marked 32-165 for casting bullets for 32-40 and 32 Win. How to Cast Bullets : 6 Steps. Molds and mold handles from Lee and Lyman are a specialty among reloaders and we carry many popular pistol, rifle and muzzle loader varieties and some rather obscure calibers. LEE PRECISION BULLET SIZING KIT. Why Lee Precision Alox Lube is the Best Cast Bullet Lube. Re: Berry's bullets and lee chart and 357 load. These are available in single cavity only. Also a subsonic load that will cycle an ar15. I use 231 as a standard powder for all of my 9mm pistols. Loading cast vs jacketed bullets. 375" diameter, 130 grain, heel. 357 MAG LEVER ACTION PET LOADS - CAST BULLET FORUM. All molds for pistol calibers are double cavity to speed casting. This results in poor accuracy and can lead to barrel damage if unchecked by cleaning and using a lubed bullet. to the OP's question, H110 and Lee 310 grain cast bullets. So, I thoroughly cleaned the bore and took my last two shots, doing the ritual cooling procedure. Handloading Reloading and shooting. Sized bullets are captured in the special container. Resizing Bullets with Lee Precision’s Lube & Size Kit. 45-70 handloads used on big game have included Lyman No. 30 calibers, and 150-190 grains in the 8mm. 385gr WFN Hollow Point 45-70 plain base cast bullets. The limited amount of load data I have been able to find so far ranges from 4.