357 unique load data. REDUCE RIFLE AND HANDGUN CHARGE WEIGHTS BY 10% TO ESTABLISH A STARTING LOAD. 0 grains 700x with a 158 grain. However, the case capacity of the. MGM 357 and 357 Max Load Data “Stout Loads”. Looking for a load that doesn't deafen you in the 357 mag , Like H110 or 296 has a habit of doing. 357 guns love this load (S&W 642/Ruger Blackhawks/Ruger GP100/Marlin 1894 Cowboy). There are over 25 cartridges shown (including everything from the. Powder recommendation for 9mm, 38 sp and 357 magnum. Nosler, The World's Finest Bullets, Ammunition, Rifles, & Brass. 38 Special Loads Caution!!!. 0 Gr of Unique 13,100 CUP @ 769 FPS Max Load 4. I think you would do better with 38 brass. It's not what you'd call "recent" data, but my 45th edition of the Lyman Reloading Handbook shows the following. Ed Harris: Casting and reloading the. 357 or older gun, you may want to start with 13% less than amounts listed above (but not where it says "start" load), and work up to the full loads. 357 Magnum, 357 Maximum Load Development Results. The weight of usable bullets can range from 88gr to 160gr. I won't print my load as it's well in excess of currently published data, but in strong 357's, i. Pistol; Rifle; BE-86 Alliant Powder Blue Dot Alliant Powder Bullseye Alliant Powder Power Pistol Alliant Powder Sport Pistol Alliant Powder Unique Hodgdon 700-X Hodgdon CFE Pistol Hodgdon Clays Hodgdon H110 Hodgdon H4227 Hodgdon HP-38 Hodgdon HS-6 Hodgdon Lil'Gun Hodgdon Longshot Hodgdon Titegroup. 357 before the warning came out about the 125 GR. There is some solid 357 AR Max load data here, which is what the 350 Legend was built on, if that helps. Every powder manufacturer has their tested load data, online, in some format. Wing Nut, AA#7 has a long established and well earned reputation for accuracy in the. 357 Berry's plated 158 Gr. looking for old hercules info for this specific blend. I use 2205 in 44 mag hunting load and 22 hornet, Ap70n in 32, 38, 9mm, 357 and 44 mag target loads. Unique is a good choice for a LOT of non magnum pistol and revolver rounds. I shoot a lot of 158grn cast lead bullets in both 357 pistol and rifle. Best Velocity for 125Gr 357?. Pistol and Handgun Reloading Data. VihtaVuori Reloading Data VihtaVuori Reload App. These lead-free bullets provide superior expansion and weight retention. bull-x 215 swc lyman 220 keith. 9 grs 2100 fps IMR4227 start 20. 38/357 brass and bullets are widely available. Ever thought about getting into Cowboy Action shooting? Hodgdon Powder is committed to the Cowboy Action game by providing the widest variety of pistol, rifle and shotshell data in the industry. They are also some of the most inexpensive to load for and give exceptional accuracy for. The relatively thin-walled cartridge cases must remain intact when a round is fired. 3572 VELOCITY (FPS - feet per second) POWDER 006 1 1700 1800 900 1 000 2 2100 ant i 2400 Al l. The armor piercing round was bought commercially (in the 70’s). Alliant 2400 and 357 Magnum. Revised to reflect more exact data from my shooting records of this load. 357 Magnum bullet designed by Phil Sharpe, the Speer 158-gr. indicates maximum load — use with caution handgun data 357 herrett 125g rainb ullets sectional density: 0. 357 SIG Load Data and Questions. 357 Magnum (Handgun) (using Sierra bullets) reloading data with 279 loads. 1; 2 Universal is just not the choice for anything but midrange loads, too fast. Graf will let you combine powder and primers in the same shipment under one hazmat fee for up to a 50-lb. Here you will find load data for some of the most recent cartridges on the market, with more being added frequently. 357 Mag loads for 125g plated bullets needed. #9 · Jun 29, 2011 (Edited) Only show this user. I need some help with 9 mm load data. Bullseye is one of the top 5 fastest burners, not suitable for the 357sig except in the lightest loadings, even then, the fastest powder I will load is Unique under 124grLTC about 1200fps w/ good accuracy. Medium recoil loads for 180gr hard cast lead in 357 ?. I have a 357 mag and want to load some heavy 38 special rounds to shoot from my 357. 357 Magnum factory ballistics tables call for a muzzle velocity of 1450 fps for the 125 grain JHP with 583 ft. Thanks in advance 357 Mag is one of the most flexible handgun rounds Full copper plated bullets are a good idea for 357″ for jacketed and 38 Special loads DZ 38 Special loads. The cartridge is effective both for hunting and on silhouettes. Cowboy Action, Bullseye and Combat Shooters should love this one!. 4227 is a little too slow burn rate to attain the velocities you want,you'd probably have to use highly compressed loads. That's within 50fps of what the Unique loads were shooting the other day, and nowhere near the 1591 fps Hodgdon lists for the 16. DATE BULLET POWDER OAL GUN AVG FPS NOTES 6/1/2015 40 S&W 165gr JHP Rainer 5. Anyone ever load 357 Mag with small pistol Primers. Welcome to the Gun Digest Reloading Data Center, your one stop for handloading advice and information to get your loads on target. 0 grains) 158 grain XTP: Smallest. 357 magnum load data for competition : reloading. 357 mag Load for 125gr FP Plated bullets. For example in a 357 magnum, you can use a 38 short Colt case. 4 gr of Unique as the max load in. 357 loads instead of plain lead. Some of these loads are from the Lyman book*** All 357 loads are developed using an 8" Dan Wesson revolver. After purchasing 500 hardcast lead (Brinell hardness 21) 180 grain non-gas checked flat-nosed bullets (sized. 357 Magnum Carbine, Perfected. 357 Mag loads with cast bullets . than light er wieght projectiles. 1 grains of Unique they shot much better than the same bullet with 3 grains of Bullseye. The 357 round is substantially cheaper to buy, reload for and specialty loads abound. the specific issue that was being discussed was volume per grain. Unique is a good powder for light or midrange loads in magnum revolvers. 1 grs 1800 fps Remember to start low and work up. Gun Digest Reloading Data Center. Muzzle blast is louder than standard pressure. By using a shorter case less powder is needed and it is easier to make a real light load. Test firearm was a 6" Ruger Security Six. Reloading data available in these calibers: 9 mm Luger / 9x19 mm 9 x 23 Winchester. Powders - Reloading 357 Magnum The Uberti's 20-inch barrel and closed breech fired various bullets somewhat over 800 fps faster than a revolver with a 4-inch barrel. My goal is too have a mid-range and lite load for plinking to compliment a heavier sporting/hunt load in my 10" contender. loads today have a limit of 17,000 p. The PF averaged 175 - that would make PF in ESR but it is hell on steel plates not to mention the poor SO when firing near a barricade. 357 Magnum Ammo: A Powerful and Versatile Caliber. Accurate No 2 (Improved) is a modern fast-burning pistol powder that is optimized for light loads, although the manufacturer also advertises it for full-power defensive loads in short-barreled firearms. I load both to the same levels in order that the practice ammo will duplicate the JHP load. You find load data for cartridges in caliber. 357 Ruger Blackhawk Accuracy Loads. by Bob Shell, Mon, February 06, 2017. 6 (1343fps) When I started loading about 35 years ago, Unique and Bullseye were just about the only powders that I used, but then I only loaded. 5 grains being maximum, yet the current Nosler load data I just googled has it as 12. Despite the fact there is little commercial production for the. keg of #2400 will load 4000 rounds of. 357 Magnum sixgun is the Lyman #358156GC bullet over 14. - - - Below, are three loaded rounds. 357 Maximum is the Hornady 180 grain XTP HP over 20. Reloading cast 38 Special/357 Magnum with Unique powder. 5gr) , but I have also loaded 357sig with Blue Dot and Silhouette (and probably a few powders I have forgot about). For midrange loads, Unique would probably be a good choice. Consistency, clean burning, low flash, and a broad range of applications make this powder a choice for any handgun cartridge loader. 357 but what am I looking for when I load for comps?. Prior to the Change, I had wanted an accurate field load for my. Most Versatile Handgun: The. Downloadable reloading data compilation. You must use data for a bullet that has the same weight and profile as the one you are loading. As far as hunting loads go for the. 357 magnum 130gr RNFP light load. 38 Special Loads with Unique. For a high-energy load, it's probably better to shoot 158-grain bullets with their 500 fps of additional velocity. IMO the case volume of the 357 is detrimental to good accuracy with such light loads. compiling all of the best FREE 223 / 5. I just tested out two loads: gun: rossi 92. 0 grs of bullseye @800 fps, since then ive found that 4. Loads for 357/44 Bain & Davis. Lever Gun Performance Studies. When I started loading the 180gr. Pistol Alliant Powder Sport Pistol Alliant Powder Unique Hodgdon 700-X Hodgdon CFE Pistol Hodgdon Clays 0. 357's maximum average pressure is specified at 35,000 psi. PDF LOAD GUIDE FOR RIFLE AND HANDGUN. LOAD GUIDE FOR RIFLE AND HANDGUN EDITION 3. I am using Berry's plated 124 gr RN. 357 because it costs about the same as. Always start with minimum loads from published data. December 05, 2019 By John Taffin. Found this data on MGM’s website. The ability to use 38 Specials adds another layer of versatility. I use Magnum primers for everything in the 357 Magnum, so there you are. It is a clean load especially since I use PC'd bullets. 0 gr of Unique, and their jacketed 158 gr bullet with 6. For the 158 grain plated bullet: between 6 and 6 1/2 grins of HP-38. Here you will find load data for some of the most recent cartridges on the market, with more being added each week. Vihtavuori provides load data for. Winchester 296 is a ball powder developed for large handgun loads. 357 Magnum and the Literature. Never loaded anyting but blue dot in. Your listed powders-burn rate applicable for 357M full power loads. box, which gets you 20,000 small pistol primers, a keg of #2400 for. Lyman (I don't remember the year) used to show 16. 357 magnum load data for competition I'm switching from a CZ to the revolver division at my USPSA comp using a GP100. Have at one time or another used any and all of these they are all outstanding. Obviously load data is very abundant for. With all of those choices, it may be difficult to believe that a bullet as simple as the lead wadcutter may be the most effective round under. 158 grain lead round nose, CCI 500 Primer, 9. Winchester 296 is also recommended for 410-bore AA loads. Volumetric data changed, but formulas…. But with 4” 357 pistols 2400 always had muzzle blast regardless of the bullet weight, lighter weights were worse of course. Powder: Standard 124 grain load spans faster powders like Unique (on the faster side) to Blue Dot on the slower side (always consult a reloading manual to find an optimum powder). 357 brass when shooting 148 grain HBWC's all the time. 357 SIG 90 grain Hornady XTP~ The. 44, which puts it in a category of being powerful enough for any self-defense situation, as well as hunting. 2 grains of HP38 or WW231 non magnum small pistol primer (RP ) Range and general mid range pistol or carbine. I have one buddy that uses nothing but Unique for all the. Alliant is very stingy with data even for Unique. 38 Spl light loads, or you can load mid-range using the same powders as 9x19, or try to find 2400 and magnum loads. My Alliant reloader book says 6 grains of Unique will give you 1034 fps velocities. 357 Magnum, 158g SWC, 6 grain of Unique: DW = 1026 fps HR = 1278 fps. 590,honestly though I just roll crimped the bullet in the provided crimp groove worked within the listed load data in my Lyman manuals and never had any pressure or chambering/extraction issues. 357 Magnum Loads for Hunting and Defense. read in another site the "unique" data changed after alliant came into the picture. 357 Magnum Load Development. 357 that are just a bit faster burning than H110/W296 because they are at a more optimum burn rate for the cartridge and those. I am going to use 9 grns of powder on w/ a 125 grn JHP. pressures may have been even higher; and if you shoot one of those. Personally, my guns are all capable of the loads I've been firing for the last 40 years. 0 hrs of Lilgun for a Max load which is 5 grains less than MGM’s load. I shot about 4,000 rounds of this load - each year - for several years. Got them to the range on Wednesday and had some leading issues. 357 SIG 90 Grain Hornady XTP~100% Hand. The other thing you can do is to select a powder and charge weight that requires a compressed load. 357 magnum for a very long time. I am using a 158 grain LSWC bullet.